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1200px-Union_flag_1606_(Kings_Colors).svg1.pngFlag_of_Sweden_(3-2).svg1.pngWelcome to Simontorp!

Simontorp Konsult AB is a company that strives to make places and events of historical interest known and accessible for the public through guidebooks, guided tours and lectures. We are based at Simontorp Östergård in the northeastern part of Skåne (in Sweden) but operates on many other interesting locations.

Sporrakulla-2.JPGIn the deep forest of norther Skåne lies an old farm called Sporrakulla. The timber buildings are surrounded by meadows and pastures. It is hard to imagine a better place to learn about the situation here in the 17th century. This was then a war-torn area and some of the poulation fought as rebels for Denmark against Sweden... Read more.


There are ruins of a strange fortress on an island called Skeingesjön in the northeast part of Skåne. When you approach the ruins walking in the shadows of mighty oaks, suddenly there are high stonewalls, several meters high. You have to walk along the holes in the sides of the gateway where once a strong oak beam secured the small gate. There is no other way in or out. The fortress is built in the shape of a perfect octagone... Read more

Smedja.jpgSimontorp is a well preserved saw- and flour mill rebuilt in 1939, but with traditions dating back several hundred years. It has been owned by the same family since 1803. The tours offers a rare opportunity to learn about the working conditions in the old days when Sweden depended on the income from stone, iron and

timber... Read more



At some locations we offer digital guided tours. Please visit our website www.historyonsite.se for more information.