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Skeingeborg Sporrakulla


1200px-Union_flag_1606_(Kings_Colors).svg1.pngFlag_of_Sweden_(3-2).svg1.pngWelcome to Cultural walks of Simontorp

Simontorp Konsult AB is a company that strives to make places and events of historical interest known and accessible for the public through guidebooks, guided tours and lectures.

On some locations, it is possible to get a digital guided tour 24/7. On other locations there is possible to buy guide materiel at the local tourist information centre and walk your own guided tour.

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Guided tours for groups:

We offer guided tours with a professional English-speaking guide at the following locations:

Sporrakulla, Simontorp and Skeingeborg.

Our guided tours are open from 1 April to 31 October. To make reservations please contact us, 0046 (0)44 450 04 (Office) or visit the page of contact information for other ways of communcation with us.


At some locations we offer digital guided tours. Please visit our website www.historyonsite.se for more information.


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